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Imagine with me for a moment. Go ahead, put your daydreaming eyes on. Take a big long deep breath. Let it out slowly. Do that a couple more times. In, out. In, out. 

Now picture you wake up and find your life has taken an unexpected turn for the worst and you have moments to live. Just moments to tell your loved ones what they mean to you. You don’t have the luxury of planning your words out perfectly. You hug them, you sob. Although you believe afterlife will be wonderful you know you will miss so many people, you’re sure that will hurt something fierce and you wonder if your family will be ok?

And in those last seconds you start to doubt, did you do enough with your time on earth?  Did you give of your talents?  Were you courageous when fear would have been easier?  Did you love when loving was so hard to do?  

Your eyes close even though you will them to stay open. You’re not ready. Just a few more minutes. Just a couple more days. 

Now come back to the here and now and take a moment to asses how you feel. Were you able to put yourself into that imagery? Could you imagine how you might feel if you had but moments to live?

I think it’s natural if your first reaction was to see all the things you didn’t do or should have done. We are often to hard on ourselves. 

I’m going to challenge your thinking.  Already in your life you have touched hearts that only you could touch and have been exactly what someone else needed.  That does not mean you are perfect or that you never failed. We all do that. It does mean YOU ARE ENOUGH. Just how you are. Imperfect, yet trying you. 

Can you believe that?  

 I am His masterpiece and that is enough. 

Close your eyes again and now imagine you have passed on and left this world. 

The world that surrounds you becomes brighter. People are calling your name. Your grandmothers there. Her mom is there. Family you have never met but recognize upon first glance rush to greet you. 

Your sad cries have become tears of insurmountable joy. So much love is being thrown your way, more than you can ever recall. Your heart feels like it is going to burst.

Your dearest family members sit you down and show you glimpses into your life. You see the time you brought dinner to a friend who was having a rough time. She didn’t care that you picked up pizza instead making something fancy. She talked about it for along time. It meant the world to her that someone cared. 

You are reminded of the many phone calls where you listened to different friends and helped them know you understood. 

The picture shows of a time when life was more than you could bare and yet you still held your little ones tight and snuggled their squishy faces. 

That night when you were especially tired then your friend called in tears and you dropped everything to go on a walk with her. 

Those scenes were all familiar to you even if you have not thought of them for quite some time.  The screen changes and in a flash you see those same experiences but now from their perspective. 

You see the tears they shed once you left their side. You hear the words of gratitude when your name is mentioned.  The unexpected life changing moment you were a part of simply because you were willing to share part of who you were with them. 

In life you were simply living, you were only being you. It was not until this moment you began to see the sprinkling of good you left along the way. The many hearts you touched with no desire to be seen or recognized.

Now take a deep breath again. In, out. In, out. 

Can you recall some of the good you have done?  Times when someone has needed just what you had to offer. Feel that. Allow yourself to see that you truly are more than enough. In fact you are you, and nobody can do you as good as you can do you.  


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