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I have come to love Gods words. They are friends to me that I can always count on and always turn to.  The scriptures have come to be something I could not live without. It hasn’t always been that way and so I can see the contrast of living without them.

This weekend I was privileged to hear Sheri Dew speak. Sheri is a prominent woman in my faith. She was once in the general auxiliary of our church, she has written several books which I love, and is now the CEO of Deseret Book. I highly respect her and look up to her. So when she spoke I listened.

Sheri Dew talked about the word wrestle. I thought of a wrestler and the work that goes into being a good wrestler. It takes hours and hours of practice for just minutes on the mat. But those minutes determine the fate of a wrestler. Will he win?  Will he move on?  Or will he get pinned down. To wrestle to me implies a lot of work.

As I opened my scriptures today to where I had been reading I came across this

And I will tell you of the wrestle which I had before God, before I received a remission of my sins. Enos

I am not a big believer in coincidence. I believe after we die we will look back and see all the times the Lords hand was in our lives, and we will be humbled and amazed.

Again that word wrestle. What does it mean to wrestle with the Lord?  Sheri Dew explained that when we have questions or concerns we need to be willing to go to the Lord. But it doesn’t stop there. We have to then be committed to do our part to find the answer. To put in the work, just like the wrestler, to be able to pin down our own answers.

Being a mom of six children, I have often had those little people, and now not so little people, come to me wanting me to fix their problems. Sometimes I can. Like when they want help tieing their shoe or they need a ride. Other times all I can do is give them suggestions because it’s something they need to figure out on their own. Like who do I invite to the party or what college should I go to?  I know they want me to fix their life. To solve their problems. But I can’t always give them that.  I have seen them roll their eyes or stomp away in frustration that I’m not giving them what they think they need. However, I can listen. And I can council. But as the parent I know they need to work through these problems to benefit most from the answers.

Sometimes I have been just like that child who came to my Father in prayer and wanted my life fixed with no effort on my part. I asked in hopes that He would just give me what I wanted. Right then. No work on my part. I can’t think of many times that kind of prayer has been answered. Usually, I need to come to Him with a willing heart. With a desire to do whatever it takes to find the answers. To study it out and then come again in prayer. To trust that He will guide me in the process. To wrestle with the Lord as I seek for answers.

That kind of willingness has led to answers more sweet than had I been given what I thought I wanted instantly. When we are willing to wrestle with the Lord, He will answer or prayers. Both big and small. They aren’t always the answers we think we want, but they are always what is the very best for us. Many times I have looked back and seen His wisdom in the answer and I can recognize why His way was better than my way.

God is so good. And He loves me so dearly. He loves each of us deeper than we can even comprehend. If you are reading this and you don’t know that yet, if you haven’t yet recognized or felt His love and hand in your life, I want to testify to you that I know He loves you, immensely. But you don’t have to take my word for it. As soon as you can, take a minute to kneel in prayer and ask Him, believing He will answer you. If you need to borrow my faith for that one moment. Ask Him to help you see His love. And then imagine He is right beside you. Let Him fill your heart with the love you deserve.

Over Thanksgiving I was having an especially rough time and this song came on Pandora. The words to this song are so poetic and given to me right when I needed to hear them.  I pray they will touch your heart and give you the courage you need to wrestle with the Lord. – SUSAN

“I’ve been searching
Wandering and hurting
Ashamed of the shape I’m in
Afraid You’ll see who I really am

But, You invite me in
Doesn’t matter where I’ve been
Your arms are open wide
There’s nothing left to hide

How can this be?
A love so unfailing
Reached down and lifted me
From ashes to beauty

And You invite me in
Doesn’t matter where I’ve been
Your arms are open wide
There’s nothing left to hide

For You invite me in
Doesn’t matter who I’ve been
Your arms are open wide
Pulling me to Your side

And now I’m walking away
From the life I once knew
And running into Your grace
That covers my shame
Again and again, I find my life in You

You invite us in
Doesn’t matter where we’ve been
Your arms are open wide
There’s nothing left to hide

You invite us in
Doesn’t matter who we’ve been
Your arms are open wide
Pulling us to Your side

Your arms are open wide”

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