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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I’ve read the words of Jesus in the New Testament all my life, and learned more about them in Sunday School while growing up.  But every once in a while you read something and it has so much more meaning, as it is looked at in a different way.

In Matthew 17, Jesus was asked by a man to cure his son.  He said that he’d asked the Savior’s disciples to do it, but they couldn’t. Jesus responded very concerned, saying that He wouldn’t be with them for long, and they didn’t have enough faith to heal themselves.  Jesus then healed the boy, and his disciples asked him why they were not able to help this boy.

Jesus then said:

Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

Looking at the full context of this comparison of a grain of mustard seed, I saw something new.  This mustard seed is being compared to the disciple. Both are God’s creations, both have to decide if they will believe that God can make of them what He promises.


The mustard seed is very tiny. It could easily look in a mirror and say “I’m just a tiny seed, I don’t really matter.  I don’t amount to much on my own, so why even try to be anything more. I’m content to just be the seed that God made me.”   This little seed, not believing he could be more, may not allow himself to be planted, to germinate, to reach and stretch and become something so much more. But with enough faith in God the little seed can grow to be a beautiful plant, that will produce more seeds and will continue on for generations, fulfilling the destiny that God gave to him.

If God can take this tiny seed, with enough faith to allow itself to develop the way it was intended, and make it into this beautiful field, don’t we deserve to give God the chance to do something wonderful with us also?

a field of mustard plants


As a metaphor, the comparison of this mustard seed was meant to teach His disciples to have faith enough to be able to heal, to preach, to help one another after Jesus was resurrected and ascended to His Father.

In our day He wants the same. God and Jesus Christ love each and every one of their children, but they cannot come down here to physically help all of us.  That is why He gave us mothers, fathers, friends, teachers… Each of us has a mission in this life to help each other, all of God’s children, as we make our way through this life.

And just as the mustard seed, we cannot afford to look in the mirror and think, “I’m just me, nothing special. I don’t have anything important to give to the world.”  If we think that way, we are denying the divine destiny that God has planted inside each of us.

You may look small in the beginning, but with faith that God will help you to become something more, you can then step out and start looking for ways to be all that He wants you to be. You have it all inside of you.  You were meant to do good, to grow to a greater capacity than you can see from just looking in a mirror.

God has a purpose for you. If you believe Him as He attempts to guide you, and continue in faith like this mustard seed, you will be amazed at what He can do with you.   – Laura

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