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In a world that constantly tells me I am not enough it can sometimes become difficult to remember who I am and what I am capable of doing. The messages from the media can be confusing and contradictory in regards to what kind of wife and mother I should be. So how does one find herself when everywhere you turn someone has a different answer for her?

Personal identity is something I have thought a lot about in my life. It’s so easy to see the good in others. To see what makes them unique and divine. But often it can be rather difficult to see in ourself.

This weekend I sat with a friend as we discussed our personal identities. It was enlightening to say the least. I walked away with a greater desire to love and accept me for who I am and not what others tell me I am or am not. And the wheels in my mind began to spin. What have I learned over the years that has helped me to understand who I am and how do I help other women to love who they are as well?

My biggest cheerleader is the one I never see. Only one person knows me, the real true me. That’s my God. He knows my potential in spite of my failings. He knows the deepest desires of my heart that I never speak out loud. A necessary first step to understanding your individual worth is to go to Him and ask Him for that knowledge.

When I have prayed for an understanding of who I am in the past, I was surprisingly overwhelmed with the love and the confidence I felt from God to me. He wants you to succeed at whatever it is He is asking of you. I truly believe that. Over time He can show you who you are and what you can become just as He has done for me when I have asked.

Trust Him. Believe He can make you into more than you could ever imagine. He needs you on His side to uplift, to teach, to guide and to love others. He will walk with you if you let Him.

I have also seen and felt satan want just as badly for us to fail. Those are the low moments in my life, when I believed the lies satan threw at me. Anytime you feel not good enough, like you don’t measure up, that life is too hard, that’s satan lying to your face. He is doing all in his power to stop you from knowing your worth.  If he can get you to doubt and fear he knows he can also stop you from becoming the powerful person you are meant to become. He can stop you from influencing those around you, and he is doing all he can to stop you from finding true joy.

I found one exercise to be extremely helpful.

Grab a piece of paper and pen. (Or use your phone to notes.  I love Evernote)  Find a quiet moment and kneel in prayer. Ask Heavenly Father to guide you to be able to see the good that is in you.  Ask Him to show you what makes you special and unique. Ask Him to open your eyes that you may see who you really are. And then thank Him in advance for the answers you will receive.

Once you finish let your pen begin to write I am….

These are meant to be traits not roles. For example some traits you could write are:  I am strong. I am a good listener. I am always there when my children need me. Where as roles you fulfill are things like I am a wife. I am a mother.

You want to really discover what makes you who you are. So although you might be an amazing mother what traits back that up?

One caution, write everything you can think of. Even if you do not feel perfect at it. I am not a Pinterest worthy crafty person. And yet I love to create and make things for my home or for my kids parties. I enjoy those things. Yes, there are woman who are better than me. But I can still be good at it. My point is don’t judge if you are good at something based on the fact that someone is better.

Don’t worry about proper sentences or grammar. Free flow writing can allow your mind to let go of worry and stress and let the truth flow from God to you. No one ever has to see this list. It’s just for you.

Once you are done take a deep breath and read through what you have written. Keep this list near you over the next couple of days and add to it as often as a good trait comes to your mind.

As strange as it may feel to do, ask those around you what they see good in you. It can be very heart warming and funny to hear what your kids have to say about you. Things you might not have thought of as a good trait can come from the mouths of babes. Your parents and spouse will usually have more to say that can add to your list.

What if for the next 30 days every time you woke up someone told you what you were good at? Can you imagine how that might make you feel?  What if that person was you?  I hate hearing my own voice but I have felt a quiet prompting to record my “I am statements” and listen to them every single day.  I believe the power from hearing yourself give positive feedback can be more powerful than hearing it from anyone else.

Are you ready to start on your journey of finding out who you really are?

PS. If you do this challenge I would love to hear how it went. Even if you just did part of it, share with us your thoughts.

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