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With the new year, I found some scheduling forms and decided to write down a schedule for each day, and being an oldest child, I filled it with all of my responsibilities. Boy was it packed.

Then someone asked me about the things that I do that bring me joy, or that I do just for me. Well…there was nothing on the calendar like that. “Something for me” is what happens if there is time left over after all the responsibilities have been taken care of first. By then I’m tired and it becomes watching tv, or reading a novel.

So guess what has happens? My body is starting to break down. I’m getting help from a chiropractor, and a therapist, but I have to take more responsibility for my own health.

I no longer exercise the way I used to. (I usually only get one day a week of any type of work out) I don’t write in my journal to deal with my emotions, the way I know works for me, and although I would love to go outside and play with my kids, I find other responsibilities that take away all of my time.

It should be totally up to me. It’s my schedule.

I do want to be healthier so that I can have a good life with enough energy to play with my kids.
I bought this little plaque to remind me to find things that make me happy, and I put it immediately on the rear view mirror of my car, so it can remind me everyday.

Over this next year I want to be better at caring for myself and experiencing joy with my children and my husband.

First baby step: exercise twice a week instead of once, get outside with at least one other family member each week.

There may be more later, but for now this is what I can commit to. Here it is in writing for the world to hold me to it.  Let’s see what happens next month.


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