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My kids fight, every single day, about who gets to sit where in the car.  I have come up with seating arrangements and a rotation chart in an attempt to curb this fighting.  How do I channel this intense emotion into something productive???  On a serious note, why does it matter?  We are all going the same place with the same people!!
This Sunday was more of the same when it was time to get into the car.  We were headed home from church when a light bulb turned on. I realized, for 15 minutes, I had their attention.  They were stuck in the car with me and they could do nothing about it. I’m sure a lecture about getting along would have been very appropriate.  I keep trying that with no success.  What’s the definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Wait, isn’t that motherhood?
This week was going to be different.  A quiet little idea entered my brain and without giving it much thought I moved into action.  My sister-in-law Allie had sent me this amazing guided mediation just a few days earlier.  Why not play it for my stuck-in-the-car captive audience?  I asked them all to quiet down and listen to the lady and then do what she says.  I had very little expectations of my 6 offspring. Just being real here.
Near the end of the recording I hear sniffles and then sobs coming from the back of my 12 passenger van.  I was worried to turn around and see who had been hit or insulted.  But when I did I was shocked.  My children were all sitting very relaxed and they even looked peaceful.  My sweet Joshua, who is 8, was crying. Not just normal crying but the intense loud sobs with snot coming down your nose ugly-crying.
I asked Him what was wrong and he explained to me that he really felt the love of our Savior during that meditation.  His little heart was touched to overflowing.  Then I noticed some of my other children with tears running down their faces.  To go from such frustration to tears of love and joy in just a matter of minutes was nothing but miraculous.
I had unintentionally stumbled across a very precious and sacred teaching tool for my children.
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you.
John 14:27
In that moment in our van this statement rang louder and touched deeper then any lecture I could have given.
I believe we as humans have a desire for love and acceptance.  But with so much busyness and chaos we have forgotten where to find it.  And the noise from technology and the hectic schedules we keep make it difficult to feel it.
I am learning the importance of allowing time for stillness.  Every night since this experience my son has asked me to guide him through meditation. I walk them through a simple process of relaxation and breathing.  And then I remind them how loved they are by their Savior and their Heavenly Father.  Three wonderful blessings have come from one tiny little thought.
1. My children are learning to recognize how to calm their minds
2. They are experiencing what it feels like to listen to and connect with God
3. As I remind them of who they are I am also reminded of who they are
My deepest gratitude goes to Pam Blackwell for taking the time to record this Christ-centered meditation.
If you are interested in the recording I discussed
You can find it HERE The guided meditation starts at 2:20.
And I just ordered her book from Amazon called Christ-Centered Meditation.
You can go here to buy it for yourself.

I am looking forward to more reflective, quiet moments with my children.

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