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This is my favorite scripture of all time, and I may have shared it with you in the past.  I’m constantly turning to it for hope and help.

I suppose I keep coming back to it because I have a lot of weaknesses. Every time I’m faced with problems in life, (and who doesn’t have problems) I am also faced with the reality of some other facet of my life that needs improving.  Sometimes I know exactly what to do, but not always.  And sometimes I think I know what I need to do, but I don’t know why I continue to fail to do it.  It has been common for me to struggle to find answers and strength.

As I have been praying to help in making improvements in my life, it seems like the concept of humility has come up a lot lately in church and in my studies.  Maybe it is a message that the Lord is trying to send to me.

Being humble isn’t a weakness. Being humble is hard. It’s hard to admit when you’ve been wrong.  It’s hard to admit that you don’t know everything on your own.  It’s hard to admit that you need help.

But the truth is that as humans we are weak.  We need help. We need each other. We need our Savior Jesus Christ.

God loves us with an unending love, and He wants all the very best for us.  He especially wants to see us grow, become more than we were before. He delights in the joy we will feel when we get to that point and find that we are better and stronger through Him.  But He won’t interfere with our agency and just give those gifts to us before we are ready, nor will He give them before we are humble enough and faithful enough to ask for them.  When we get ourselves to that point, then we will be ready to receive the greater gifts that will make us more that we knew that we could be.

If we will just work hard to let go of pride, and allow humility to be a part of our lives, we will be able to turn to God, and let Him guide our lives to allow those weak things to be made strong.

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