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Charles J Chaput, archbishop of Philadelphia said in a talk given in Provo, Utah

“I want to stress again the importance of really living what we claim to believe. That needs to be a priority—not just in our personal and family lives but in our churches, our political choices, our business dealings, our treatment of the poor; in other words, in everything we do.”

As I carefully read through this quote, it makes me really think.

On the surface, I think I live in a way that I truly believe. But maybe there is more. Maybe there is more we all can do.

If I choose not to look too carefully, life is pretty good. I love my family. I serve in my church. I’m nice to my neighbors, but maybe there is just a little bit more.

We all want to be perfect… do everything right… have blessings and praise from people in our lives…

But the truth is that none of us is perfect.  Not one.  Only Jesus Christ is the perfect example.

So is it okay that we are not perfect?  YES.    Should we just be satisfied that this is just how it is? NO….

We all should have the hope of being perfect one day, but in recognizing that today is not that day, we have a choice. We can keep doing what we have always done, and not worry about it, or we can strive to be just a little better each day, in at least one area.

Today I’m choosing to look at the words of Charles Chaput.  I want to figure out how I can be more true to my beliefs. The beliefs of my religion and my personal beliefs.  How can I be more honest? How can I be more loving? Can I work harder at the things that are important? Can I be more patient with people who are trying? Can I give a little more?

Yes, but maybe not all at once.

I think if I start each day with prayer, asking for help in finding what is important to my growth, and how I can help others in my day, it may not be as hard as it could be.

I want to try a little harder each day, to live more in line with truth.

I know some days I will fall, and I’ll have to repent and start again the next day.  But I think that is one of the beautiful things about repentance. Recognizing where I have fallen short and allowing Christ to take that mistake from me, so I can try again to be what I believe He wants me to be.

The most important step in this process is learning what I believe, what my religion teaches me, and recognizing the guiding’s of the Holy Spirit.

I’m committing today to try a little harder, to grow in truth a little more. Will you join me?  — Laura



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  1. Arnold Miller

    I have made the commitment to try a little harder each day to live as I believe. Thanks for reaching out to help others as a great example of that Christ-like love.

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