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 “Prayer just doesn’t work for me”

Have you ever heard that phrase?  It’s as if one imagines prayer to work like magic. Either they have the power to get everything they want and need, or they don’t. Prayer is meant to be more precious and intimate then just wishing on a star and hoping your dreams come true.

Prayer means something to me when I remember it’s true purpose.

Recently I was feeling really overwhelmed. I sat at my computer trying to accomplish a task and I broke down in tears. I realized at that moment that I was trying to take on life while completely forgetting I could have Heavenly assistance if I just asked.

I stopped what I was doing and I bowed my head and prayed for help. It was almost immediate that I could feel God’s love for me and with that love I knew trusting Him would give me all that I needed to successfully complete my task. No miracle occurred. The task didn’t complete itself. But I was now walking with God instead of walking alone.

Prayer helps me to remember the relationship I have with God.

David Bednar put it this way

As soon as we learn the true relationship in which we stand toward God (namely, God is our Father, and we are his children), then at once prayer becomes natural and instinctive on our part”

As we begin to understand the true meaning of prayer, we will understand how it actually can “work” for all of us.

Prayer is intended to be a two-way communication between God and His children. It is truly beautiful and mind-blowing when you think about it. As very average human beings we can talk to an all-powerful God. Through our own experience we learn that He is not only listening but also concerned with our lives.

At times He does grant us what we want and other times He instead gives us what we need. Our all-knowing God can see the difference in our wants and needs even when we cannot. Isn’t that why we go to Him?  That we may have assistance to have the faith we need when life seems different than we hoped? Trust and confidence that can be given if sought earnestly in prayer.

Prayer really truly “works” when we let go of what we think we want and need and turn our will over to our Heavenly Father. This takes time. In all relationships trust needs to build upon itself. As we consistently talk to and plead with our God, we began to feel His love in greater abundance. That is where the beauty of prayer is to be found. It’s not in the miracles or the yes answers. It’s in knowing and loving our God enough to trust all that He has in store for us. SUSAN

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