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I came across this beautifully written article the other day.
Putting power in your prayers

It made me think of my journey with prayer and how it’s evolved over the years.

I grew up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We prayed at every meal but I didn’t make personal prayer a priority until I became an adult. And even then I wasn’t always consistent.

My prayers were mostly to ask for what I needed and give thanks but I didn’t personally understand how the communication went both ways. I believed it did. I just didn’t know how to enjoy that blessing in my life.

As I grew in my spiritual strength my prayers became more sincere and I began to really feel my Father close as I prayed.

In the last year I came across this precious book. I feel comfortable saying it changed prayer for me. It added a new element that deepened my understanding of how He communicates with me.


This is the kind of book you don’t have to read from start to finish. I skimmed through and fairly quickly came across this challenge.


For 30 days I prayed with a specific question in mind. Then I turned to the scriptures expecting to get an answer. EVERY single time I did get that answer. And usually the answer came quickly. I believed the authors testimony that if I expected to get an answer I would.

I felt my Father talk to me specifically through the words of the apostles and prophets. I felt the Holy Ghost guide me and direct me to find what I should read. I now have a deep testimony of the power of prayer coupled with scripture study.

We learn line upon line. I see that in my development of prayer. As I read the above mentioned article I realized I might not always be 100% real in my conversations with my Father. So now that is what I get to work on.

I remember as a kid my dad told me something to the affect of,

I pray and ask for help to overcome a weakness or sin. Once I have finally done that you would think I could rest. But no, my eyes are then opened to something else I get to work on.

Isn’t it glorious we get to learn line upon line, here a little there a little?


If you too want to get this precious book you can buy it here.


  1. This is a wonderful reminder! I often forget to pray specifically and can get so general in my prayers. Thank you! P.S. It was fun to meet you this weekend.

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