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 As I headed to the airport over a week ago a I came across a giant and slightly scary sand storm. I was already running slightly behind and didn’t have the luxury to pull over like other cars did. I white-knuckled my way through and prayed I would be guided even though my vision was limited. A peace came over me and a calm settled in. For a brief moment I felt as though unseen hands were on my hands assuring me of heavenly protection. I was going to be ok and I would get safely to the airport.

I pulled up to the long-term parking and felt relieved I had arrived sooner than I had expected. That is, until I stepped on the tram. When I announced which terminal I was departing from the driver questioned me. Lucky for me another passenger informed me I was at the wrong airport. Panic set in. Who goes to the wrong airport? Me.

Apparently there are two airports in the same town 45 minutes apart. One is tiny and so I didn’t know it existed. I do now. I quickly ran to my car and punched in the new location while tears began to fill me eyes. How was I going to make it?

I prayed again hoping I would get there on time. Hoping I could somehow defy the odds and make it much quicker than GPS estimated. I don’t know how but God softened my heart and helped me come to a peaceful place. He knew what I was trying to do. If I didn’t make it, He could help me with a plan B. And if plan B didn’t work maybe there was a reason.

There have been times in the past few weeks where I have felt myself come to trust a little more. Understanding that my ways are not God’s ways. In those moments of accepting I have seen His hand more prominently as would again become evident as the I arrived at the airport.

As soon as I got there I found my flight had been delayed by an entire hour. Not only did I now make it on time, I had time to spare. God answered my prayer in a very real and tangible way. One I could not dispute.

I did not need this experience to have faith in God and His great love and awareness for me. But I felt a growing understanding of how He wants to bless His children. How much He is waiting to help us if we will trust not only that He can but that He will. And trust that He has a grander picture then my small perspective can understand.

As we begin this month of gratitude I cannot help but feel thankful for the knowledge that God is ever-present in our lives. This experience was unique for me. Moments like these help to sustain me when I can’t see His hand so clearly.

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