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The other day as I ran/walk I listened to this CES fireside
His words really had me thinking. His talk is all about intentions. Why do we make the decisions we make? Find our own personal whys in life can be the difference between success and galling short.

As I contemplated my whys I thought about this blog. Why do I want to share my thoughts and feeling with other women?

Let me step back and share a story. When I went away to college I felt a little lost. I didn’t really understand who I was or my divine nature as a daughter of God. I wanted to. I just had no idea how. I felt unloveable and broken.

Rachelle befriended me. She became one of the most caring friends I had ever had. She laughed easily and wanted to help everyone. One night we were discussing some boys (big surprise) and she said something in passing that became a turning point in my life. She said to me “isn’t it great to know that you are worthy of a boy like that”. To her it was a small passing thought. To me, I was changed. I pondered if what she really said was true. Was I really good enough to be loved by a righteous man? Was I really good enough to have genuine love in my life?

I call her my life changing friend. It was several months after this that I met Ryan. I firmly believe her faith in me helped me to hope for someone amazing. In essence she helped me find my true love.

I could share many stories like this where a friend or teacher or book has said something small that has left lasting impact in my heart.

And here lies my why. I hope to give back what has been given. I pray that by some small thing I share or say I can lift a burden or make the light shine a little brighter in someone’s day.

I saw this on Instagram and felt it summed up my why.



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