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“Strong eternal families and Spirit-filled homes do not just happen. They take great effort, they take time, and they take each member of the family”

I knelt in my room wanting to pray but not knowing what to say. I knew I needed the Lord’s guidance in my life but I didn’t even know what to ask for. I pondered and finally uttered the words “help me to know where I need to be spending my time and efforts.”

With an amen I grabbed my scriptures and began to read. Experience has taught me that prayer is my time to give my thoughts and feelings to the Lord while scripture study is His time to talk to me. I just have to remember to listen. With only a few verses read, one of my kids knocks on the door and just wants to chat.

I put down my scriptures. We talked about little things and weightier matters. Because I had just been praying I was in a good place to listen and hear what he needed to say, and I was able to give council with the Lord by my side.

 Once he walked away and I picked up my scriptures again, I realized I had received the answer I was looking for. My efforts need to be focused on my children. As they have gotten older, it has become difficult to figure out what my role is. They don’t need to be sung to sleep or burped after a feeding. They don’t sit in a stroller or need to be carried as we walk.

But they do need my listening ear more than ever. They need my guidance. But really they just need to know that no matter how they turn out or what mistakes they make, that I love them and that God loves them. If I can give them that then all other things will fall into play.

Today I will be pondering how I can show that love a little more. That kindness a little deeper. I want them to never doubt the love I feel for them.

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