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I firmly believe that our ancestors watch over us like guardian angels.  Think of how much you love your children (and grand-children if you have them) and how you would protect them and watch over them whenever you could.  I know that the mothers and fathers of our past, our ancestors, feel the same about us.  I have personally felt the presence of women from my family, watching over me and comforting me during important life events.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of these sweet ladies.  Ellen Oldham BickmoreEllen Oldham Bickmore  1847-1907

Because we live in the information age, we can find out about our ancestors so easily from our own homes and computers.

I loved reading the stories from Ellen’s life. At 17 her family made the trek from Lancashire England to Utah, by boat and trail.  There was record of a few scares and lots of hardship, but this was said about her.

Ellen’s memory of the trip was quite positive, however. She remarked that for her it was not a hardship because she loved the company of the other young people and the nights of singing and dancing.

I love that optimistic attitude.  I think I got that from her, but I bet there were other ancestors that shared that positive spirit.

A few years later, she was married on New Year’s Eve.  It sounds like she may have been a romantic.

She later had 8 children total, and it was said of her that

She was an example of the hard-working, industrious, religious farm woman that was typical of this time.

Her home was one that was remembered for its home-makers atmosphere. Her culinary skills were well known. The kitchen was never without a full crock of sour cream, molasses, and caraway cookies. A special treat seen by the grandchildren was fresh whipped cream cakes, four or five layers high.

I see pieces of Susan and me in this description.

I’m also so grateful for my sweet mom, JoAnn Stagge Miller, for putting together these family histories so that we can, with the click of a mouse, find these stories in our family tree.  These people are so important to us, because they are the stuff that we are made of.

I would encourage you to go find out more about your ancestor “guardian angels” by going to familysearch.org, or ancestry.com  Both are good resources.  —  Laura

ps: if you are interested in more of the histories that my mom collected, you can find them here:  Schow-Bickmore histories  Stagge-Parker histories and Miller-Anderson histories

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