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talentsDo you remember the story in the Bible about the talents?  The man with 5 talents doubled them to 10, the man with 2 talents doubled them to make 4, but the one with 1 talent, hid it in the ground and it was taken from him?

I’ve been told that the talents in the Bible were like gold coins, and it seemed like they needed to be invested to make them double.  So I wondered how that related to us and how we interpret the word “Talent.”

As a kid, they would teach us in church to develop our talents, but if that talent wasn’t in music or sports, we didn’t really recognize what it was. I got asked to babysit a lot, so I suppose that was one of my talents.

Over the years as I’ve grown up, I have felt like I needed to learn how to do everything.  Maybe I was developing talents. I have remodeled kitchen’s, painted houses (inside and out), tiled floors, landscaped a back yard, decorated cakes, created scrapbooks, made crafts with kids, taught Cub Scouts, gardened, got a degree in computer technology, did my own taxes, and cooked 2 weeks worth of food in 2 days to put in the freezer.

Now it is worth noting here, that I didn’t do all of those things at the same time in my life. How could I and still be human?  I would never have had time to sleep and I’d be a Zombie… and ain’t nobody want to see Zombie MOM.  In fact I don’t do any of these things anymore.  But it is nice to know that I could if I really needed to.

And if someone really needed help in any of these areas, I could help them in the things that I learned from doing them.

What I really appreciate at this stage of life is knowing lots of good women, who have talents that I can enjoy, without having them myself.

I love that there are lots of good food bloggers out there who can help me out when I’m not feeling any inspiration about making dinner.

I love the shows on HGTV that help inspire me to want to decorate my home.

But mostly, I love the women who are right around me, who are so talented in what they do, and allow me to be a part of their lives, so that I can be blessed by their talents also.

I got married last summer and there were women who stepped up to help me prepare.  Some women helped in advice. One friend, an excellent seamstress, altered my wedding dress so that it was a perfect fit. My fabulous sister Susan helped by taking all the pictures and making the cake and cupcakes,


Two of my friends came over one night and helped me put together the flowers for my centerpieces.  We worked for hours to create enough bundles of flowers for the centerpieces.

It wasn’t something I felt very confident in doing, but because I had a friend with me who has a great eye, and enjoys decorating, she helped me to learn how to put them together and I really enjoyed it. I loved how they turned out, andwpid-img_20140719_211151.jpg was really proud of all the work we did.  The talent of these women helped me out when I needed it most.

Later in the year another friend got married and this great friend agreed to make the wedding cake, even though she had never made a wedding cake before.  Of course it turned out beautiful.  wpid-20150110_190101.jpg

All around I have friends with a wide variety of talents.  I’ll bet you do too.

I know a few women who are making a difference by being foster parents and giving love to children who need it most. I am so grateful to hear the stories these women have to tell, because not all of us can do it. Those women who give love to difficult children who have been through some very awful things, are so amazing, and although I’M SURE they have some very hard days, I know they will be blessed and the work they do is some of the most valued to our society.

I know women with really successful careers as teachers, doctors, and therapists.  I know women who are adaptable and can make life work no matter what gets thrown at them.  When I went through my divorce and had to find a way to support myself, the friendship of women like this gave me hope to know that I could pick myself up, care for my little family and I would be okay.

I know women who are energetic and excited who get involved in community theater, or volunteer programs.  Who seem to do more in a day than I could do in week.

And I know women who make a difference one day at a time, in their own quiet way, raising kids to be responsible citizens, giving a smile when a friend needs it, and keeping a positive attitude.

I am so grateful for the friends that I have things in common with, so that we can talk all night and share our lives with each other.  And I’m so grateful for my friends who are different from me, so that we can share new ideas and talents with one another, and maybe help each other to see things in a different way.

As women, we really need each other, but mostly we need to be loving and tolerant of each other and our differences.  As we learn to enjoy one another’s talents, rather than be envious of them we can find great wealth in this world we live in, and a greater number of women we can be friends with.


ps: the header photo used for the title of this page is from death to the stock photo.   I love that I’m able to enjoy their talents, and that they are willing to share them.

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