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Laura and I get to dress up in formal attire and go to a gala. How fun is that to be a princess for one night? I have to admit though, my first thought was apprehension. How am I going to find a dress that is inexpensive and fits my body and that I love?

See I have been struggling with my body imagine. I’m heavier then I care to be and I just assumed I wouldn’t enjoy looking so closely at the issue. But in the process of trying on dress after dress I realized something. My extra curves don’t change who I am. My spirit is still full of life, regardless of my size. As I learned to except that I began to love what I saw. I embraced the changing beauty my body has to offer.

Have you ever had a friend who was just so amazing and then they changed something about their appearance? Either they lost or gained weight? Or maybe they got a little older or had a lift here or there or here and there? Did it change your friendship? Did it alter the way you saw them? In my experience I have loved them just the same. Truly, it didn’t change one ounce. For good our bad. Today I’m striving to love me the same way I love those dear to me.


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