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Everyone you meet, everyone you know, has experienced some sort of trial or difficulty in their lives.  Some trials are bigger than others.  Some are small by the standards of what they have already been through.  And some people struggle just to get through each day.

But in every case, each person’s trial is unique to them and will cause its own level of pain.

The truth about happiness also seems so contradicting.

really happy


It’s like when you spend some time out in the cold.   Think of a time when you’ve been out in a storm, or playing in the snow, and you feel really chilled to the bone.  When you come inside, the feeling of warmth, whether from a warm room, or maybe a warm bath, is the most amazing, comforting feeling in the whole world.

In the same way, to experience real true joy, you must have a good understanding of what it is like to experience the opposite.

Sad….  Afraid…. Angry….. Depressed….

We all feel these things and so much more. It is what makes us human.

But I’m talking about is when we find ourselves in an extended period of not being able to find some reason to smile.  It can come from fear, or depression or worrying about the well being of a loved one.  This type of despair can become quite overwhelming.  I wonder if most of us haven’t been through a period like this at some point in our lives.

When you are in the middle of it, life is VERY HARD. There are times of hopelessness.  Times when you really don’t know what to do to get past it.  And what is worse, there are probably people who love you who are suffering also, whether they suffer for the same reasons you do, or they are hurting to see you in pain.

The thing about this type of pain that comes to all of us at some point or another is that it doesn’t have to be a permanent thing.  It may feel like the end of the world, but if we hang on, and push through the pain, there is some light waiting for us to grab onto it.  That light is most effective when it is found in the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  He is there for us, and sometimes, He is the only one who truly knows the depth of pain we may be dealing with.  No matter what your beliefs, Christ loves every one of us and is just waiting to help us.  We are all God’s children. He will send help if we turn to Him and ask first. Sometimes help comes immediately, and sometimes it takes time. But if holding onto the hope and the light is all that you can do for now, just do it.

Then, when the trials and pains and hardships end or fade and become more bearable, you will begin to see just how glorious happiness really is. You will then appreciate it in a way that you couldn’t before.

That type of happiness is worth holding onto, and keeping in your memory for the next time life may get really hard.  — Laura

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  1. Arnold Miller

    Great foughts. And well expressed. Especially how the atonement is so important to the healing process.

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