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When I was young I would walk to school early in the morning. I recall many times the path being filled with fog. It would be difficult to see very far in front me and for some reason I always loved this phenomenon. I would reach out and with all the strength my little hands could muster I was sure I could get a handful of that illusive fog. And yet every time I pulled away empty handed. 

I think finding joy can sometimes feel this way. Always within our reach yet we can’t seem to grab hold of it.  Why is that? Could it be that our definition of joy is part of the problem?  

Joy by definition is a state of happiness or contentment. 

Joy is not the absence of heartache or trials. True joy can be found in the most difficult of circumstances.  For me it is easiest found when I let go of how I think life should be and I embrace moments.  But finding it does require a good amount of work at times. It will not be handed to you by a fairy godmother, although that would be nice wouldn’t it?  

While visiting with some old friends this last week I was explaining what my blog was about and what Laura and I are working on. I told him “we are in the process of creating a product to help women find greater joy and purpose in everyday living.” 

His response, “Like a pill?”

We both laughed. Wouldn’t it be great if finding joy really was as simple as taking a vitamin? I believe the process and effort it takes in finding joy is needful for us to fully appreciate it once we do hold that joy in our hands. 

For example. Last week my husband left on a business trip. Me and the kids were going to meet him and that required a lot of preparation on my parent. The time had come for us to be on the road and everything seemed to be going wrong. I found myself getting angry and I started yelling at my children. It was not their fault and I was not acting how I knew I should. I had let the anger take over. 

I had to run to the store to get something we had bought, then lost, for the trip. I took the time to breath and calm down. I kept telling myself “you got this, you can do this” but I could still feel it lingering. I prayed and asked for help. And I waited, knowing the answer would come 

It wasn’t until I stepped in the door to my home that my heart was humbled.  Two of my boys came to tell me their story. Shortly after I left my sweet EmmaLee gathered the kids around and said “the day can’t get any worse. Why don’t we put on some good music and try to be happy”

They picked two songs by Hilary Weeks that I love dearly and play often. In retelling their story they both got tears in their eyes. They explained they could feel Gods love for them. And that peace had entered into our home. 

My heart was instantly turned to love and joy for these little people I have been entrusted with who often teach me much more than I teach them. 

Joy did not come the instant we sought it or simply because I felt we needed it.  We had to actively go look for it AND we had to open our eyes to see the joy that was already before us.

As we began our drive my spiritual eyes were opened to the goodness of God. He waited to answer my prayer for peace and joy and He allowed me to struggle on for a bit so that my children could feel an abundance of His love. And once it came it was so desirable and something I am still holding onto. 

I hope for you that joy can be found today as you actively go out and seek it. 

These people are some of my greatest joy!


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