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Why yes, “Get on up” is a James Brown song, and a movie about him.  But the concept can be so much more rewarding.

Have you ever gotten up to go into another room to get something and you forgot what you were going to get once you got there?  It would be totally annoying if it weren’t so funny!!

Our body and our minds are connected in such a deep intertwined way that sometimes we don’t even notice how one can affect the other.  When your body is tired, your brain just can’t think as well.  When you are stressed or sad, your body is more likely to be vulnerable to catching a cold or other illness.  It surprises me how when I have had a day full of mental stress, my body feels all worn out by the end of the day… even though I may have spent most of the day sitting.

Our mental well-being affects our physical well-being.  But did you realize that physical movement can also affect brain function?

happinessJust like when you got up to go get something from another room and forgot in the process, getting up and moving can help change the direction of your thought processes.

We talked the other day about times when we are feeling really sad, and how times of depression can come to everyone.  But we didn’t talk about how to handle life when it gets really, REALLY hard.

This is the time to “Get on up.”  When you feel that hard moment creeping up on you… get up and go look for something active you can do.  It might just be doing dishes or laundry.  Maybe it is going for a walk.  Or talking to a friend on the phone.

One thing that helped me in a bad moment, I started making plans to bake cupcakes for some friends that I felt could use some cheering up themselves.  This process took a few days because I had to shop for ingredients, plan for when I would have free time to bake, and then I had to find out when my friends would be home so I could deliver them.  Being involved in this project left me forget that I had been sad.

If just getting up and moving isn’t enough, spend that energy doing something for someone else.

This is one of my favorite stories: Alicia had a friend over visiting one day, and when they walked out to say goodbye, they saw another friend that they both knew mowing the lawn at Alicia’s house. This woman was crying big sad tears. They both walked up to her and held her and asked “what in the world are you doing?” She said she was feeling sad, and she wanted to feel better, and all she could think of to do was give service, so she came over to mow the lawn. Pretty soon they were all laughing and hugging and sharing a touching moment with each other.

I’m a big proponent of giving service when you need to get out of a funk.  Just thinking of someone else when you are feeling sad isn’t often enough to help you get over it though.  I really believe that it is the physical motion and effort put into giving in behalf of another person that helps you as much as it helps the other person.

And if we know that everyone goes through hardships and trials, just like we do, we also know there is someone out there that can use a little help.  And probably someone closer than you think.

If you’re lucky enough to be in a really good place today, give a little bit to someone in need, it will keep you feel happy longer. No matter where you start out, we could all use a little more “Happy” in our lives. Get on up and go get it.  —  Laura

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