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 Yesterday I sat and visited with two of my friends who both have one baby under the age of two. We talked about toddler funness and craziness and the ups and downs of motherhood with a toddler. As they chatted I couldn’t help but think of those as the good old days.

I remember when my babies were small, and my feeling stressed out and wanting to cry when a child had a melt down in the store. But I also cherish the memory of sweet ladies whose babies were all grown. They would tell me how beautiful my children were and that I was doing a great job. Most often they would suggest that I treasure these moments because babies grow up so fast.

I found myself saying those same words yesterday. My teens are so much fun but it all seems to slip away into a void of time-sucking space. Where are those sweet chubby hands that used to hold so tight to mine? Where are those fantastic baby laughs that make the whole room smile?

Last night I sat at the table with my teens and had some very real, hard discussions.  We talked about the hard stuff life can bring, and my heart swelled with pride at the amazing people God has placed into my path. They are not my equal. At some point I didn’t even notice they surpassed me. They are better than I was and it humbles me.

As I watched this video

I couldn’t help but feel the need to slow down time. To value and love whatever stage of life I or my kids are in. To really strive to treasure what is placed before, good or bad. One sweet lady says in the video

Them years do go by in a hurry, yeah they do, don’t they”

There is good and bad in every single day, in every single phase. My mom once told me

With every phase brings something new and wonderful and usually something you don’t really love. The trick is to embrace the wonderful. And not mourn what has been left behind.”

So today I’m going to hug my teens a little longer than they would like.  And I am going to let my heart swell with love for the phase I am in.

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  1. This weekend was a reminder that time stands still for no one. It was also a reminder of how short our time on this planet is.So important to cherish every moment. Even the loud, frustrated baby in church,

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