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Have you ever seen a movie that was so impactful you wanted to tell everyone you know to go see it? Literally every single person?

That’s how I felt walking out of the movie The War Room. On a whim I decided to go see the movie Friday afternoon while the kids were at school. At first it felt a little strange walking into the theater by myself but I felt compelled to go.

My tears began almost immediately. I don’t want to give away too much because, remember, I think EVERYONE should see it, but the movie is all about the power of prayer and how the main characters learn to give their troubles over to the Lord and trust that He is able to do what they are not.

The sweet mentor grandma type shows off her “war room”  or more accurately her prayer room, pictured below.

  It’s her closet where she has taped prayers to the wall, and I began to wonder if a war room would help me to make my prayers more sincere and more intentional.  In fact I went home and cleaned out a section of my closet and have been pondering all weekend on how exactly I want to convert it into my meaningful prayer closet.

Pinterest was full of ideas on how others have made prayer more meaningful.   Prayer journal

 Prayer board

 Prayer pages

Prayer stones

Prayer cans

After reading all of these fantastic ideas I felt something different was in store for my family. Maybe a combination of all of them? I am going to present these ideas to them tonight for our family home evening lesson. And let each person decide what they want to do. I think for my closet I want a place to write my prayers, maybe a white board or even just post it notes. I use the app Evernote to write my scripture journal entries so I may continue to do that for my prayers that are more personal with the sticky notes being simple reminders, like a person’s name. I’m still thinking on it.

I would love to have somewhere displayed in my home a list of answered prayers like in the movie. Something like this

Like the time my daughter asked us to pray that she might find a good friend, and then she saw the power of our united prayer when a new girl came to school. Or when the kids prayed their dad would get unstuck from the quick sand when we were on vacation and shortly after he finally was released. And then there are the prayers we pray for years and finally are given inspiration on what you can do to help the situation along.

The Lord is quick to hear our needs and our wants, but are we quick to recognize his answers? I want to be more aware, and I think I’m on the right track. I’m excited to see what the Lord helps me to figure out.

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