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Satan wants you to fail. And to feel alone. And to feel inadequate to what Someone Else has CALLED you to do.”

Sometimes as a mom or just as a human being living on this crazy earth, I start to let satan into my heart. Never intentionally. He is too subtle for that. Usually it starts with one small thought that I either feed or starve. When my senses are weak, when I’m tired or hungry. When I’m stretched to my limits. That’s when the lies come creeping in.

When I came across this article I related all to well.  It’s titled When Satan Steals your Motherhood. It’s a fantastic read and I highly recommend  it.

Everyday I have to make the decision to turn to my Heavenly Father. For if I don’t, I open the door just a crack for the influence of satan to take a stronger hold on my heart.

I have felt this recently. Since summer break our regular scripture study as a family has been very sparse. And my personal study is not what it used to be. I have noticed my frustration is greater and my kids are grumpier.

Today? It is going to be okay. Take back your motherhood. It is a gift. Listen to the life-giver, NOT the liar.”

I am again rededicating my efforts to choose God daily and by doing so I am also turning away from satan and his lies.

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  1. Arnold Miller

    Excellent teachings here.
    Thank you for sharing this intimate vision.

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