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As a child I was an optimist. Everything was the best ever and I was a pretty happy little girl. I sang every chance I got and I truly believed I was going to be discovered. All I had to do was sing loudly when ever I was out.

I believe that is what is meant when we are told to become as little children. They have not yet allowed the worries and concerns of life to weigh them down. How do we take back that same childlike wonder and excitement? I believe it has to do with making a conscious choice to see the good. Let me share two contrasting stories that helped me to understand circumstances don’t need to determine how we feel.

I had a friend several years ago who seemed to have everything. She was beautiful. Her children were beautiful and smart and good. Her husband adored her and his job seemed to proved them with the nicer things life had to offer. They lived in an amazing house with many extras.

As I got to know her better I remember the shock I felt to see how unhappy she was. In my mind she had it all. What was there to worry over? What was there to be concerned about?

Have you meet women like this before? They manage to complain about the things you could only dream about. They complain if the sun is shining and they complain if it’s not. Nothing is every good enough.

In contrast about 6 years ago I meet another woman. She had 5 kids. They were very plain looking. They were always dressed in worn out clothes. Her husband worked hard but it was not much. They didn’t have any of the luxuries of life. They lived in a run down home that was way to small for all those kids.

I remember feeling sorry for her because her life seemed so challenging. And yet every single time I saw her she was smiling. It was a deep genuine smile. I can still picture it now.

Have you met women like this? Always looking through the darkness to see the light. Pointing out the good even when it can be difficult to find.

Who would you rather be friends with? The one who builds you up by pointing out the good or the one who brings you down because they can never seem to grasp the beauty all around them?

What can we do to see more fully the good? We look for it. You actively make an effort to find something good in all situations. I promise you it is there. Even in the darkest of storms it can be found.

This does not make the storms disappear but it gives us just enough sunlight to find warmth even in the most difficult times.

When Joshua, who is now 8, was a 1 year old we had just moved into a new house. Things were chaotic as we tried to unpack and get settled. A couple days into unpacking and we heard him cry out in pain and we ran to him. We could see no evidence of what was causing his pain. He woke up the next morning looking like this.


I was so worried for him. It would take three days and several different Drs before it was discovered he had put a pencil into his skull. He managed to miss the eyeball and the lead went all the way through the skull behind his eye and stopped just short of touching his brain. There was no visible entry wound so it was challenging to know what had happened.


We spent a week in the hospital. He had to have surgery to remove the lead. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. And yet through out the whole experience I was able to stay calm and even be filled with a sense of gratitude. I wrote about it here and when I read his story I am impressed that I was given that peace and comfort.

During those long days I continued to strive to find the good. And when I did, I was blessed with peace and even moments of deep joy.

To express gratitude is gracious and honorable, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live with gratitude ever in our hearts is to touch heaven.” Thomas S Monson

Today write in your journal or take a note on your phone, you could even write on your mirror. But write 5 things that brought you joy today. It might be difficult at first but the more you look for joy the easier it will be to find.

Now once you have done that commit to writing 5 things for 1 whole week. And at the end of the week look at the 35 unique ways you felt joy. Your heart can be filled with a greater sense of happiness as you strive to look for it.

Choose to see the good that is all around you.

Let us know how this challenge has affected you. We love hearing from you.



I wanted to share with you some of the things  that brought me joy over this last week. I might have forgotten to write a couple times but I am a firm believer in trying, failing, and trying again. 

Sometimes joy is difficult to be found. But I have observed that when you look for it anyway, those little gems that do pop up are precious to be had and often times can be a saving life boat in an otherwise dark and dreary storms.

Today I woke up sick, not in the agenda. I chose to take the day off to rest and read. I was blessed to read my sister-in-laws book and offer some editorial feedback. I read tutorials I was wanting to get caught up on. I also had time to read a book on my nightstand that has been calling to me to pick it up.

I could have focused on how yucky I felt, I’ve gone down that road before. But as I’m working on seeing the good my eyes were l opened and I felt a greater sense of peace. It’s kind of like magic really.

If you take the time to look you can be blessed to find small packets of light and joy. And all those little packets added up can create a most beautiful glorious sunshine that is difficult to hide from. Embrace the good.

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  2. He looks just like you! How crazy! I’m so glad you found out what was wrong. I can’t imagine how stressful that would be!

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