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The Lords hand is at work in our lives


Parenting is hard… really hard.

I worry about missed opportunities to teach.  I worry that I was too harsh or too soft.  Was I there when I needed to be?  Should I get involved or let them figure it out on their own?

As the kids got older, I felt like I’ve had less of an influence over their lives, but now, I’m not really sure that is true.

It is true that friends, teachers and church leaders have a bigger influence on them than ever, but at the end of the day, everyone wants to know that their mom loves them and is there for them.

As I struggled this week to find a balance between teaching, disciplining and loving my teenagers, I re-discovered the most important element to this whole parenting thing. I asked for help from the real source.

I have been discussing my concerns with my husband and with my sister, but not until I had reached a point where I truly didn’t know what to do next, did I take my problem to the Lord in prayer.  He gave me a sense of peace and calm.  He gave me a reassurance that my kids are going to be okay, but that it is also very important that I follow through with the important things that I know I should do, but that are hard.  (Hard to me is dealing with conflict. I have a tendency to not discipline when I know I need to.)

He put in my path a friend that helped me, by just listening, then giving me the advice to read Parenting Teens With Love And Logic: Preparing Adolescents for Responsible Adulthood

I started reading it right away.  I immediately felt a sense of peace, knowing that I have a new tool to help me with the important task of helping my kids transition into being adults.

I recognize that in asking for help from the Lord, He will step in and help.  I just needed to ask.  Of course, I also needed to do my part and act on the things He is guiding me to do.  When prompted to go to lunch with this friend who helped, I had to make that effort.  When told to read this book, I had to have faith enough to get the book and take the time to read.

I have come to recognize that my children are even more valued by God than they are to me.  If I am worried and concerned about them, I know that He is also. By working together, and allowing God to work in my life and that of my children’s, we will all have an advantage in overcoming the difficulties and trials that come into the lives of teenagers in our world.  I am so grateful for His love and comfort to me personally, and for the help He is giving me in raising the wonderful people who He has entrusted me with.

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