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Standing at the kitchen preparing my dinner, while music is loudly playing and I’m singing along, the tears came out of the blue and my heart swelled up feeling as though it was going to burst right out of my chest. The feeling came on strongly and I was rather surprised by its intensity.

I have shed many a tears over my children. Both happy and sad. But this day the sacredness of my calling as their mother overcame me, and I could not have felt more grateful. Motherhood is the hardest most rewarding job I have ever experienced. These little people need so much time and love and support, and often I feel I am falling short.

Every so often though I feel God giving me a heavenly hug with a glimpse into how He must feel as the perfect parent. It was as if the world stopped for one moment and froze in time so that I could see my life for what it really is.

Kids who want to be good and do good. They want to be taught how to figure out their world; they just need guidance and love. They each came to this world with unique and abundantly giant personalities that are bound for greatness and in that frozen moment I could feel of their goodness. I could sense who they truly are as people not just as my children. How blessed we are as mothers to get to see another with such love, even if only in fleeting passing moments.

I do not always know how to handle parenting situations. I try my best and sometimes succeed and sometimes learn new ways to fail. But I have learned how much I need the Lord in my parenting. I need Him to walk with me so that I can direct these little people into the paths God has for them. Dalin H Oaks put it this way,

We must pray for the Lord’s help and directions so we can be instruments in His hands.”

I want the Lord to feel confident that He can use me as His tool. That I will do whatever he asks and in so doing I will help guide my children back to Him.

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