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After watching the above video I was kind of taken back. Do I really speak so harshly to myself?  If someone ever spoke to me that way I would be so offended and hurt. Can you imagine if you heard someone speak that way to your daughter?

Words spoken to us can have such a powerful effect. This last Sunday one of my sweet young woman, whom I teach in church, texted me and thanked me for the lesson. It made my day. I even got a little teary. I felt like I was doing something right, and I felt grateful for the gift of teaching the youth. When we express kindness to others we bring joy and happiness into the world. We bring a little light into someone’s day.

The same is also true when we speak to ourselves. I had a friend text me the other day telling me how grateful she was that she had been blessed with the gift of service. It was refreshing to hear her find gratitude for something Heavenly Father had given her. To often I think we forget to find gratitude in all that Heavenly Father has given to us.

While I was at my daughter’s volleyball game last night, I watched an interaction between a mom and daughter. A mom walked into the gym with a two Starbucks drinks and a small bag, also from Starbucks. The daughter ran up to get her drink. She looked really excited about it. She grabbed the drink and then tried to take the bag. But it didn’t come easily because the mom was holding her own drink with the same hand. She then yelled at her mom rather loudly to “give me the bag” in the rudest tone I had ever heard. She proceeded to storm off. The mom, I’m sure, was embarrassed and just went and sat down.

I thought how I might feel if my child talked to me in such a way after going out of my way to bring them a special treat. No appreciation given. No, wow mom, thanks so much. I really think my feelings would have been hurt and I would have been very disappointed in my child.

Do we ever act that way to ourselves?  Do we fail to see the good we do even if it’s a small thing? Do we instead focus on the tiny little snags that make life not as easy or good?

I feel this video is a great reminder to be gentler, kinder to ourselves.  I know it’s something I need to work on. I may not always be as organized as I want, but I usually don’t yell. Right now I can’t run 3 miles, but I can run my kids everywhere they need to go. I might not always be as present as I wish to be, but I do take time everyday to hug my kids.

What are you doing right today?  Take a moment to celebrate you. Think of 5 things you like about you. Don’t worry about the flaws. Let that go for now. Just recognize that God made you and He made you with special talents and gifts. Thank Him for what He has given you. You already know how it feels to beat yourself up. Take the time to see how it feels to build yourself up instead. –SUSAN

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