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Ever since I was little, I’ve heard people tell me this… “You’re too sensitive!”  especially if something made me cry.

If felt that being called “sensitive” was an insult.  And many of us have come to believe that, and just accept that sensitivity is a sign of weakness.

There were a few years where I tried to turn it off. I then realized that I just wasn’t feeling anything at all.  The stress built up, because I wasn’t being true to myself.  I had to learn how to feel again, and get back in touch with a part of “ME.”

Several years later, I took a class on wellness coaching and discovered a whole new way to look at being sensitive.  Someone who is sensitive it actually someone who is highly aware of their surroundings and in touch with the input coming from all of their senses.  Looking at is this way, sensitivity is a great strength, not a fault.

I’ve learned that being in touch with my sensitivity allows for greater guidance by the spirit, and an ability to use my intuition more effectively.

I found this wonderful article at, entitled “11 powerful ways to protect your sensitivity.”


I am re-learning how to get back in touch with my powerful sensitive side. I am grateful for others who recognize the importance of protecting this valuable trait in those of us who are sensitive.



  1. What a validating story. I can completely relate to every word in it. I too have been told I am too sensitive. I have learned that I wouldn’t change my sensitive personality for anything. Love you Laura and Susan.

    • Laura Wheelwright

      You are one of the most amazing women that I know, and I think your sensitivity is what allows you to pay such close attention to the world around you. It is why we love you so much.

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