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Joanna-gainesIt’s Friday!! I love Fridays because we get to share with you someone elses information that we love and tell you why we love it.  Today I’m sharing with you a story from one of my favorite TV personalities.

I’ve been fascinated with Joanna Gaines ever since I first saw her on “Fixer Upper” with her husband Chip.  They run this great real estate/renovate/design homes business together, and now have a TV show that documents what they do.  She is also a blogger, a mom of 4 beautiful little ones, she lives on a farm and has to care for the animals and garden with her family and she runs a cute store in her town, and it has become an on-line store for her country farmhouse style of decorating.  She amazes me.  Here is her story


I think that each of us has something we really believe in, or are passionate about.  We each have special talents. We each have something to say and to give to the world.

The real trick is fine tuning our gifts and our message,and then learning how to share it with the world in the most meaningful way.

Over the next several months, we will show you other people who have found ways to live their dreams, and how they did it.

I know that each of us has the ability within us to do great things. We just need to discover what they are, and then get to work.

In the mean time, enjoy the inspiration of someone who has already done it.  — Laura


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