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A few months back I was having an especially rough time. I felt overwhelmed and under-prepared to handle some of the challenges life had thrown my way. But one specific day was harder than I could handle. I sat down on my stairs and cried. I felt myself falling into a dark place.  I had been praying for help and yet in that moment I felt helpless.

That is the moment my sweet friend called me on the phone. I looked at the caller ID and debated. Do I let her see this weak failing side of me?  Do I fake it and tell her everything is fine?  Should I just ignore her call?  I can’t imagine she would want to talk to me when I was in such a terrible state.

I’m usually a private mourner and yet I bravely hit the button and answered with a little hiccup in my voice. “He..llo”

She let me talk. She let me feel and process,  even in my very broken state. And what was of most value, she loved me anyway. She didn’t look at me differently and in that moment I started to accept that I am really ok, even, no, especially when, difficulties get the best of me.

That one phone call didn’t snap me instantly out of my hard moment but it was the beginning steps that helped me to move forward.

Looking back I can see how courageous I was for letting in a friend when I needed her most.  But much more than that I see how beautiful this friend is for being there for me. She was just being her. I’m sure that conversation was just a small moment to her. She called me with no idea of how much I needed her and then, when we hung up I’m sure she continued on with the things going on in her life.

Have you ever had a friend, leader, co-worker, or family member say just what you needed to hear and they had no idea they had done that for you?  This is just one experience where someone else has deeply touched my life for good.

As I think back on these tremendous women I am left to wonder, what if they had decided they were not good enough to share who they are with me?  What if they compared themselves to other woman and had decided they were lacking and so they had nothing to offer?  My world would have been dimmer. I needed their light. I am who I am because they were brave and courageous enough to let who they were be good enough.

You too have a light to share that is unique and glorious. Your light will touch others when they are feeling dim. Shine that light. Let your imperfections be part of the equation. Let them see that even though you struggle you still embrace the individuality that is you.

I read an article the other day on house shaming. You can read it here. (Side note Allison Reynolds is a great writer, she is so good at mixing funny with real.) She talks about how embarrassing it can be when someone sees your lived-in house. How we apologize profusely and that needs to stop. Sometimes we just need to say, “I’m ok, you’re ok,  let’s be ok together.”  Even your flaws can give other people the ability to accept who they are. Being you, imperfect as you are, gives others permission to be them. Isn’t that what we want, a little more realness and acceptance?

When we see the effect one person can have on the lives of so many, it perhaps is no wonder that the Lord reminded us, “Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God” (D&C 18:10).

That quote is from Harold G. Hillam titled The Worth of Souls. 

If you knew today something you did in the near future would bless a friend or family member tremendously, wouldn’t you be willing to jump out of bed and do whatever it took for your dearest loved ones?  What if all that meant was that you had to be ok with being you? Would you still be just as eager?

The worth of souls truly is great!  Shine bright so that others may see themselves more clearly by the light you project. 

Someone needs your light. They need your love. They need your specialty and they need your talents. Just as others have joyously blessed your life you have that same ability. Be you. Be awesome.                                                                      — Susan


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