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My children are my most precious gifts.  I almost wrote possessions, but I don’t really own them.  They are free spirits, each so unique and different, and each one reacts to life’s challenges differently.  My oldest is a typical oldest.  He wants to be good and does what he is asked.  He tends to not toe the line or not go too far from what we expect and hope for him.  Some of my other children are line pushers.  They need to test the world out for themselves.  Sometimes that means they need to fall hard to learn a lesson.  My word is not enough for complete understanding at times, and they need to test things out for themselves.

This is one of the reasons I believe so strongly that we need to set up boundaries for our kids to help protect them from the scary world they can at times be exposed to, the images they will see and the things they will be exposed to in this computer/personal device driven world we now live in.  I understand I can’t control everything that will influence them, but I can sure do my best to set up safety precautions that will.

Over a year ago I wrote about the importance of communication with our children and how to help them look away when they are exposed to the less than desirable and the down right horrible. You can find that article here. I believe open communication is the most important tool we have to help protect our kids against both pornography and difficult situations.

When my children were still young I got my first cell phone.  I was slow to the game and it took me many more years to get a smart phone.  I could not imagine at the time the world it would open.  It wasn’t until I worked with some youth of my church, my kids didn’t have their own devices at this point, that I learned how devastating the effects of both social media and pornography could be on these young developing minds.  Ryan and I decided at this point that we needed to set our kids up for success.  When they would get their first smart phones or when they would have access to computers or iPads, they would be kept as safe as we could keep them.

The tutorials below show some of what I have learned over the years.  I will add more tutorials as I make them.

In this first video I show how to set up parental controls on an iPhone or iPad.  I have been very pleased with Apple’s controls.

This next one is how to set up controls on Google.  This can be done on any personal device or computer.  It’s not 100% and I still am a firm believer that family computers should be set out in the open and children should never be allowed unattended screen time, either in their rooms or when no one is home.  We have a very protected password, and my kids know the moment I leave the house the computer is locked down.

I don’t allow my kids to have social media, but if you do, heck even if you have an Instagram, I discuss some of the things to be aware of and much of it applies to Facebook as well.  I will be adding a tutorial on that at a later time

This last one is how to set up safe search on YouTube.  It’s very simple to do, and although not 100%. I am happy it’s available.

I am an Apple girl.  I love my computer, my IPhone and iPad.

For those who use android and other devices, I have found these links for you and they look rather helpful.  I had no idea you could set up separate accounts on an android phone just like you would on a home computer.  That would be great for when you are handing off to a small child.

How to set up parental controls on Android smartphones and tablets

Quick Guide: Parental Controls for Android Devices

5 Best Free Parental Control Apps for Android

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