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With the new year, I found some scheduling forms and decided to write down a schedule for each day, and being an oldest child, I filled it with all of my responsibilities. Boy was it packed.

Then someone asked me about the things that I do that bring me joy, or that I do just for me. Well…there was nothing on the calendar like that. “Something for me” is what happens if there is time left over after all the responsibilities have been taken care of first. By then I’m tired and it becomes watching tv, or reading a novel.

So guess what has happens? My body is starting to break down. I’m getting help from a chiropractor, and a therapist, but I have to take more responsibility for my own health.

I no longer exercise the way I used to. (I usually only get one day a week of any type of work out) I don’t write in my journal to deal with my emotions, the way I know works for me, and although I would love to go outside and play with my kids, I find other responsibilities that take away all of my time.

It should be totally up to me. It’s my schedule.

I do want to be healthier so that I can have a good life with enough energy to play with my kids.
I bought this little plaque to remind me to find things that make me happy, and I put it immediately on the rear view mirror of my car, so it can remind me everyday.

Over this next year I want to be better at caring for myself and experiencing joy with my children and my husband.

First baby step: exercise twice a week instead of once, get outside with at least one other family member each week.

There may be more later, but for now this is what I can commit to. Here it is in writing for the world to hold me to it.  Let’s see what happens next month.


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Laura and I get to dress up in formal attire and go to a gala. How fun is that to be a princess for one night? I have to admit though, my first thought was apprehension. How am I going to find a dress that is inexpensive and fits my body and that I love?

See I have been struggling with my body imagine. I’m heavier then I care to be and I just assumed I wouldn’t enjoy looking so closely at the issue. But in the process of trying on dress after dress I realized something. My extra curves don’t change who I am. My spirit is still full of life, regardless of my size. As I learned to except that I began to love what I saw. I embraced the changing beauty my body has to offer.

Have you ever had a friend who was just so amazing and then they changed something about their appearance? Either they lost or gained weight? Or maybe they got a little older or had a lift here or there or here and there? Did it change your friendship? Did it alter the way you saw them? In my experience I have loved them just the same. Truly, it didn’t change one ounce. For good our bad. Today I’m striving to love me the same way I love those dear to me.


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When people find out I have 6 children they usually give me some kind of strange look and questions are asked like, “how are you still smiling?” Or “how do you look so sane?” Yes my life is filled with craziness but more so it is filled with a lot of love. That deep abiding love can cause heartache at times and also satisfying happiness.

I feel like this video could have summed up my life. Motherhood really is the hardest thing I have ever done. And like the woman in the video I also can attest that it is the most important thing I will ever do.

Watch the video and let us know how you relate.


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What’s for dinner mom?  I hear this question EVERY SINGLE DAY.  It is in the back of my mind myself all day long.

Sure dinner is important.  It’s probably the only time that I’m in charge of what they eat.  I need to serve a balanced meal.  And it is an important time that we are all spending time together.  Plus my husband is a foody, and I love food so….  I want it to be good.  I also want my family to eat healthy.

But being a working mom it’s hard to find time for prep work and planning.

I remember being told that you can cook meals that are healthy OR taste good OR fast and easy; and sometimes you may be able to get 2 of those things into one meal, but you can’t have all three….

Until NOW…… This frittata has it all!!!    This meal has become a go-to meal when I’m out of time and energy and we need a good quick meal.  Plus my family loves it and I feel good serving it because it is loaded with vegetables.


wpid-20150120_174132.jpgI start out by chopping up whatever vegetables I have in the fridge that look good.  Today we had zucchini, yellow squash, bell peppers, grape tomatoes, onions, garlic and a little leftover broccoli.  I also love it with spinach & mushrooms, or asparagus.  Yummmm.  Whatever other vegetables I use, I always start with onion and garlic.  Staples in my house.  They are as essential as salt and pepper.

Anyway, start out by sauteing your veggies.  wpid-20150120_174101.jpgWhile they are cooking up, crack open your eggs into a bowl, (2 eggs per person eating)  whip them up with a little milk and salt and pepper.  Keep those set aside until your veggies are nice and soft. At this point I also like to add some seasonings.  I like to use in a seasoning blends, unless I have something else in mind.  I especially like Herbs de Provence, but you can use what ever you have in the spice cupboard.  That is what makes this such an easy dish.  Next I add a little diced ham, or some bacon bits after the veggies have softened a little.

wpid-20150120_174718.jpgOnce the veggies are fully cooked, pour in the egg mixture.  Give it a minute or 2 on the stove top to let the eggs start the cooking process.  It can help to use a spatula to push the eggs away from the side, just a little and let the liquid come back into that spot.  At this point, sprinkle a little cheese on top.  Again you can use what ever you have in the fridge, but my favorite is feta.  This time I used goat cheese which was also very good, but I have used mozzarella or cheddar, if that was all I had.  wpid-20150120_174757.jpgPop it into a pre-heated oven (350°) for about 20 minutes.  It will get puffy and be solid in the center of the pan.    Pull it out of the oven and slice it into wedges for serving.  It can be served with bread or toast or even a small fruit salad.   Or just by itself…  It seems like cheating when I make this for dinner because it is so simple, but my family really does get excited when they here that we get egg frittata for dinner.  We love this meal.  Try it!!   See if your family doesn’t love it too.  And see how easy dinner can be.



Egg Frittata:

  •  1/2 onion diced
  • 1 clove garlic crushed
  • 1/2 zucchini diced
  • 1/2 yellow squash diced
  • 2 Tbls diced bell pepper
  • 1/4 cup diced broccoli
  • 1/2 cup diced ham
  • 3 Tbls feta cheese
  • 8 eggs
  • salt and pepper to taste.
  • 2 Tbls Milk

Pre-heat the oven to 350º.  Saute the vegetables in an oven safe pan, until softened.  Add ham, continue cooking until all the vegetable are soft and fully cooked.

In a separate bowl, combine eggs, milk and the salt and pepper.

Pour eggs on top of the vegetables.  Continue to cook for a minute or so.  Add cheese to the top of the eggs.

Transfer the pan to the oven, and let it continue cooking for 20 minutes or until the eggs are fully cooked in the center.  Let it cool for a few minutes.

Slice into wedges and serve.

This recipe serves 4.

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The other day as I ran/walk I listened to this CES fireside
His words really had me thinking. His talk is all about intentions. Why do we make the decisions we make? Find our own personal whys in life can be the difference between success and galling short.

As I contemplated my whys I thought about this blog. Why do I want to share my thoughts and feeling with other women?

Let me step back and share a story. When I went away to college I felt a little lost. I didn’t really understand who I was or my divine nature as a daughter of God. I wanted to. I just had no idea how. I felt unloveable and broken.

Rachelle befriended me. She became one of the most caring friends I had ever had. She laughed easily and wanted to help everyone. One night we were discussing some boys (big surprise) and she said something in passing that became a turning point in my life. She said to me “isn’t it great to know that you are worthy of a boy like that”. To her it was a small passing thought. To me, I was changed. I pondered if what she really said was true. Was I really good enough to be loved by a righteous man? Was I really good enough to have genuine love in my life?

I call her my life changing friend. It was several months after this that I met Ryan. I firmly believe her faith in me helped me to hope for someone amazing. In essence she helped me find my true love.

I could share many stories like this where a friend or teacher or book has said something small that has left lasting impact in my heart.

And here lies my why. I hope to give back what has been given. I pray that by some small thing I share or say I can lift a burden or make the light shine a little brighter in someone’s day.

I saw this on Instagram and felt it summed up my why.



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This scripture is similar to so many other scriptures that have stuck out in my mind lately. Our God wants us to know that he is always with us. He asks us to repent. He implores us to share the gospel with others. He invites us to come unto him, especially in times of trial. All of these things show us that He is a loving Father to all of his children.

As a parent, I know of my own frailties. I really should be repenting daily for things I have messed up just in my parenting.

When I was a kid, as the oldest of 4, I felt it was my job to tell my mom about the things she did wrong. I know it made her mad, but I did it anyways. Well guess what? I now find myself doing the exact same things I got mad at my mom for doing. Now I know why my Mom was so mad at me for pointing those things out. I keep making the same mistakes over and over again, not because I don’t care, and not because I don’t want to change. It’s just that some things are hard to change. I’m going to assume that my mom was mad at me for pointing out her flaws, because she already knew about them, and she was struggling to find ways to overcome these bad habits. I assume she felt that way, because that’s the way I feel.

However there are also a lot of things that my parents did right. They taught us to laugh. They taught us that there is always something to be happy about. My mom is an optimist. She always has on a smile. Everyone she works with talks about what a joy she is to be around. I’ve almost never heard her say a bad word about anyone. She was never one to share gossip, and if she heard something bad about someone, she would try to find a way to turn it around. Both my parents were hard workers, and taught me the value of giving an honest day’s work for your pay. If there was something that any of us really wanted, they would do their best to help us to get it. Because of this and so many other things, I always knew that they loved each of us unconditionally. That is a pretty valuable thing in a world that is as difficult as this one.

I know that there are a lot of things that I have done right with my kids as well. Each of my kids have a good grounding in the gospel. They are light-hearted and can enjoy life. They lift those around them with their optimism. They are all honest, good people. What more can you ask? They may never be great athletes, or have scholarships to the best schools, but down at the core they are good people. They will do well in life at whatever they choose to do because they have testimonies of Jesus Christ and His gospel, and they have a desire to do what is right.

So going back to the scripture above. Christ is there to be our advocate with the Father. We are going to make mistakes. But He will still love us. He still invites us to come to him. And through the Atonement, the greatest gift He could give us, we have the ability to erase those mistakes and become better people. And with His help, and our constant effort, we will.

Love, Laura

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